Calthentic Republic is a California based brand expressing the California Culture and Lifestyle. Founded in 2010, Calthentic lives on to be a well known brand in California growing each and every year. The brand is still operated by Michael Guydish in Santa Cruz, CA.


Catch up with the latest California content on the Calthentic Republic Blog. The Calthentic bloggers post content every week if not daily. Subscribe to our blog to get content sent directly to your email.

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The Calthentic magazine is a much read on what California has to offer each and every month. Unlike most magazines, our magazine will be an E-Magazine to save the California trees. Purchase each E-Magazine individually or sign up for the subscription with the Republic VIP.

The Magazine will post the following content:

  • California Travel
  • California News
  • California Facts
  • California Upcoming Events
  • California Beer & Wine
  • California Hotel & Restaurants
  • California City of the month
  • California History
  • & much more


We want to offer Californians a subscription to our website. We will jam pack this subscription to make your money go far. This subscription is for Californians that have a passion for their state and want to share and connect with each other.


  • Become a blogger for the Calthentic Republic Blog. Once signed up you will receive an invitation to become an Author on our WordPress website. You can blog about anything that comes to mind. This is perfect for Free-Lance Bloggers, Small Business Advertisers, and Affiliate Marketers looking to use our traffic. We spend a lot of money marketing our website and bringing eye balls to our website.
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